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Maintaining and repairing the section of the pipe in South Jordan, UT
5 Signs You Need Sewer Line Replacement in South Jordan, UT

The sewer line that carries wastewater away from your house is buried deep underground. As a homeowner, you’re responsible for maintaining and repairing the section of the pipe that lands inside your property line. But you can’t see this pipe, and there’s no universal lifespan for sewer lines, so how can you tell when it needs to be repaired or replaced? Learn the telltale signs of sewer pipe problems so you know if a sewer line replacement is in your future.

Slow Drains

Is your sink or shower draining slowly? The clog is probably located near the drain. You may be able to clear it yourself using a plunger or plumber’s snake. However, clogs can also form deep within the sewer line, where they’re hard to reach. If conservative unclogging methods don’t work, request professional sewer line cleaning from a licensed plumber.

Sluggish Toilet Flush

Toilets rely on gravity and a free-flowing drain to flush waste out of the bowl. If your sewer line is obstructed, the toilet may struggle to do its job, resulting in a sluggish flush and frequent clogs. A sewer line camera inspection can reveal the cause, which may include intrusive tree roots, cooking grease buildup, or a collapsed sewer pipe.

Gurgling Noises or Backups

Listen to what your drains are trying to tell you. If you hear gurgling noises from the sink when the toilet flushes, or the toilet water bubbles when the washing machine drains, you could have a blockage deep within a shared sewer line. Left unaddressed, the problem could lead to sewer backups. This is when wastewater starts flowing in reverse, pooling in the sink or bathtub before slowly draining away again.

Soggy Patches in Your Yard

Take a walk around your property. Do you notice any soggy spots, even though it hasn’t rained lately? Do any patches of grass appear extra lush for no apparent reason? These are signs that your sewer line is leaking and releasing wastewater into the soil. The free lawn fertilizer might seem like a benefit, but sewage leaks are a safety hazard, especially if you have young children or pets.

Sewage Odors

While walking around your yard, notice whether you detect any unpleasant smells. You may even want to kneel down and take a whiff of the soggy patch of grass. Any sewer odors here will confirm your suspicions. You don’t want to detect lingering sewage odors inside the house, either. This could signal a problem with a drain P-trap or sewer vent, or it could mean you’ve had a sewer backup.

If you notice any of these signs, you need a residential plumber to clean, repair, or replace your sewer line. Turn to All Star Service and Repair for the plumbing services you need. We have over 60 years of combined experience and an A+ rating with the BBB. To request sewer line repair or replacement in Salt Lake City, Sandy, Murray, Provo, or Orem, please call (801) 792-2428 or contact us online today.