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The choices that we make impact the health and function of our drains. Do I flush all that toilet paper? Should I pour that grease down the sink? How do I stop the hair from going down the drain and what exactly is my conditioner doing to my drains?  There are certainly consequences for our actions. 

Stopped up toilets, slow draining tubs, and clogged sinks are more than just a hassle for you and me and can create quite the disruption to your family’s routines. While there are some safe DIY methods for unclogging drains, these are temporary fixes that will eventually require your attention once more. Among those DIY options includes chemical drain cleaners. It is SO important that you understand how unsafe chemical drain cleaners are- unsafe for your health, your drains, and, also, for the environment.  When your own options are not working to get your water flowing once more, it may be time to call in the professionals! Plumbers see a clogged drain and declares an easy fix! This is exactly what they’ve trained and prepared for! Clogged drains deep within the pipe require tools and expertise that plumbers are competently skilled in. They can clear pipe blockages and have your drains functioning better than they have in years in no time.  

Let’s look at how exactly plumbers can clean pipes so that you know what to expect and are better prepared to prevent sink pipe and all drain blockages. The tools they will use are specialized for such jobs. We aren’t talking plungers, or bottles of drain cleaner. No amount of baking soda and vinegar is going to work these clogged pipes free. The tools needed are drain snakes, high-definition cameras and hydro-jetting machines.  

Pipe Cleaning, Salt Lake City

Drain Snakes 

This tool has many names; plumber’s snake, drain auger, drain snake. Think of a drain snake as the angioplasty of plumbing; opening the blockage to allow flow once again. A drain snake  is a tool that, when a plumber turns the drum, can rotate slowly through the pipes until it pushes through clogs. At the end of the snake there is a corkscrew-shaped hook that will grab onto the matter that is causing the problem- toilet paper, hair, or other substance- and then dislodge the problematic matter and push it on into the sewer system.   

A manual drain snake can work well with smaller, more minor clogs and blockages that are relatively close (around 10 feet) to the opening of the drain. However, there are certain jobs that need a little more force. A powered, or motorized, drain snake may be just the right tool for clogs that are as far in as 150 feet. An electric motor adds torque and a continual rotation that a manual drain snake just can’t easily match. These more significant clogs can be caused by tree roots, grease being poured down the drain repeatedly, food waste, corrosion, and other sewage clogs. There is certainly a specific time and place for the use of a motorized drain snake. They add benefits of being chemical free, eco-friendly and time savers.  

High-Definition Drain and Sewer Line Cameras 

Next in the line of plumbers’ tools is the high-definition drain and sewer line camera. Think of this as the endoscope of plumbing as a flexible tube with an HD camera on the end enters the pipes to explore and document any problem areas so that the drain doctors, or plumbers, can enter with a plan that includes the proper tools. No need for exploratory procedures or guessing games. A high-definition drain and sewer line camera can minimize the time it takes to create a plan. While this technology will not do the actual work of unclogging your drains, it will give evidence of what is actually causing the problem and will allow the plumber to make a decision about the most efficient best step in the plan of attack on the stubborn clog.  

Hydro-Jetting Machine 

Hydro-jetting machines are concentrated water jets that can literally push out decades of grease build-up, soap scum, hairballs, and other disgusting drain dinge that are causing problems. A hydro-jetting machine can provide a 360 ° rotation. The pressure employed by this machine can reach as high as 8,000 PSI and can be strong enough to remove any and all residue from the walls of the pipes, leaving them squeaky clean and in mint condition. Amazing invention, but one that obviously should be left to the professionals in order to be used both effectively and safely. Guaranteed, your pipes will be good as new after the hydro-jetting tool removes decades of debris, leaving nothing to cling to and completely clean pipes.  Literally as good as new! 

Hydro jetting service costs a little more than rooting or snaking your drain, but it’s guaranteed to remove any clog from your drain in the quickest, most effective way. Some of the benefits of hydro jetting include: 

  • Extends the life of older plumbing systems 
  • Provides long-lasting results 
  • Safe & applicable for all types of plumbing 
  • Completely removes any trace of clogs 

At All Star Service and Repair, we highly recommend calling for a drain cleaning the moment that you notice a slow drain or backup. We are the best for drain cleaning services, proudly serving Salt Lake City County and Utah County. Our certified plumbers will gladly help clear drains in your home. Don’t let clogged drains drag you down. Take action and call quickly. Leaving drains in poor condition for too long can cause pipes to corrode and can expose your family to hazardous sewage scenarios. Worried about the cost? Don’t be! We offer free estimates and competitive prices. We will effectively and affordably clean your drains so that both you and your plumbing are healthy and running smoothly! We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing, do NO outsourcing of work, are professionally licensed, and we have an A+ rating with the BBB! Call us at 801-792-2428 today for your free and reliable estimate.