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Sewer Line Cleaning in Utah
How Important Is Sewer Line Cleaning, professional plumbing services, Sandy UT

There are many aspects of modern life that we often overlook or underappreciate. One such item is the sewer line attached to our homes. It’s out of sight and usually out of mind.

The sewer line is a large underground pipe that carries solid waste and dirty water to our septic tank or out to our local sewage system for processing. It’s one of those things that we don’t think about unless a problem arises that requires plumbing services such as sewer line cleaning. Let’s take a look at how those problems can occur, why they’re important, and how they can be resolved.

A number of things can clog a sewer line. Tree roots can get into the pipe through loose joints or cracks. Various items going into your drains or toilets can cause clogs. This can include feminine products, “flushable” wipes, paper towels, hair, grease, fat, oil, bones, and fibrous foods. Make sure that none of these items enter your drains or toilets. Children may need repeated instructions concerning these items.

A clogged sewer line can cause a variety of problems. Toilets may require multiple flushes. Sinks may drain slowly, making them hard to keep clean. Tubs may also drain slowly, which can inconvenience anyone waiting to use them. They may also create annoying puddles while you shower. Pipes in your house may also create strange sounds due to the pressure built up from restricted outflow.

More serious problems can arise as well. If a sewer line is severely clogged, toilets and tubs may overflow, spewing dirty water and waste onto your floor. This can cause a sanitation problem as well as significant damage to rugs, carpets and floors.

If you experience only one of these issues, you probably have a small problem particular to one interior pipe or fixture. This can probably be fixed with a plunger, snake, auger or perhaps a chemical cleaner such as Drano. But if you experience multiple such problems, you probably have a blocked sewer line and need professional plumbing services as soon as possible. Some older homes benefit from recurring sewer line cleaning.

All Star Service and Repair provides high-quality plumbing services whenever you need them. Whether you wish to have a free sewer line camera inspection before buying a house or you need whole-house repiping due to frequent leaks or aging materials, we are here to help in Salt Lake City, UT. Our team comes prepared with industry-leading tools to get the job done right. Each of our technicians are licensed, insured, and have over 60 years of combined experience. We have never run into a job we can’t complete! All of our plumbing services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 10-year warranty. If there is ever a problem after we finish, trust us to make it right! You will receive a free estimate before we begin any work, and our technicians go over every facet of the job to make our services as transparent as possible.