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All star service may recommend whole home repiping in Salt Lake City, UTIt’s the middle of the night. You get up to use the bathroom when you hear the sound of water dripping under the sink. You open the door to see the pipe spraying water everywhere! What do you do?

First, call an emergency plumber that offers 24-hour repair services. A licensed professional will arrive as soon as possible. In the meantime, prevent water damage from the leaky pipe by following these steps:

  1. Turn off the water: If the leak is coming from a plumbing appliance or fixture, look for a water shutoff valve on the wall behind it. Otherwise, you’ll need to find your home’s main water shutoff valve.
  2. Wipe the pipe dry: No patch job will work if the pipe is wet, so wipe it dry with a clean cloth. While you’re at it, mop up the water on the floor to prevent further property damage.
  3. Tighten the joint: Check whether the plumbing joint is tight. If not, tighten it by hand or with an adjustable wrench. You might also want to apply pipe thread tape—otherwise known as plumber’s tape, PTFE tape, or the brand name Teflon—to ensure a watertight connection. If a leaky joint is the only problem, you may not need a plumber after all.
  4. Prepare the pipe: If you decide to patch the pipe, make sure the surface is smooth first. Otherwise, the patch won’t stick. Remove any rust or rough spots with sandpaper or a metal file.
  5. Patch the leak: You have a few options for temporarily fixing a leaky pipe until the plumber arrives:
    • Silicone tape: Also called self-amalgamating tape or self-fusing tape, silicone tape is specifically designed to seal pipe leaks. Wrap it around the pipe as tightly as possible, overlapping it several times for a secure, temporary leak repair.
    • Epoxy putty: Break off a piece, knead it in your hands, and push the putty in and around the crack.
    • Rubber garden hose and pipe clamps: Cut the hose to the appropriate size and clamp it into place over the leaky area.
    • Duct tape: If you don’t have any of the above supplies available, wrap the leaky pipe tightly with several layers of duct tape.

Have you discovered a leaky pipe in your Salt Lake County home? The problem might be isolated—or it could mean that your entire plumbing system is getting old and needs to be replaced. All Star Service and Repair can help. After we fix your leaky pipe, we can assess the age and condition of the rest of your plumbing upon request. If other damaging leaks are likely, we may recommend whole-home repiping. This involves replacing your worn-out plumbing with modern materials like PVC, CPVC, or copper.

To request emergency plumbing services in Salt Lake City, Sandy, Murray, Provo, or Orem, please call All Star Service and Repair at (801) 792-2428. You can also contact us online to request a free whole-home repiping estimate.