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The plumber fixing the new pipe in home at Salt Lake City, Utah

In this time of prices going up for just about everything, it’s important to save money wherever we can. Upgrading to high efficiency fixtures is one way for you to save water, help the environment, and realize some significant savings on your monthly water bills. 

High Efficiency Toilets 

Advances in technology have made modern toilets more efficient. These toilets often come with a dual flush option, allowing you to use a half flush or a full flush to save water. They use on average 1.6 gallons of water for a full flush, compared to older toilets that can use as much as 6 gallons per flush.   

Water Saving Shower Heads 

A traditional shower head uses about 2.5 gallons per minute, while a water saving head uses only 2 gallons. That may not seem like much, but for the average family with 3 or 4 showers per day, that can add up to over 1800 gallons per year. 

You may think that installing a water saving shower head will mean less water pressure for you to enjoy in your morning shower. However, modern technology to the rescue again, with aerating shower heads specifically engineered to increase water pressure while using less water. These shower heads add air to the water stream and push the water through smaller holes, directing the water more efficiently. 

Water Saving Faucets 

Like high efficiency shower heads, the latest faucets can help you to realize significant savings.  The newest models can save up to 30% of the water used by traditional faucets. Like the shower heads, the most efficient faucets use aerators to increase the water pressure, while lowering the gallons used per minute. 

Water Saving Dishwashers and Washing Machines 

You may know that a dishwasher will use less water than you would if you stood at the sink washing the dishes by hand. The latest models save on average up to 4 gallons per load compared to older ones. Like the modern dishwashers, high efficiency water saving washing machines use far less water. In addition, they can get your clothes just as clean and may often allow you to use less detergent. 

Changing over your plumbing fixtures can save you a substantial amount of water and money, while not having to change your water usage habits. In addition, more efficient plumbing fixtures allow you do your part to conserve water and help the environment. 

Whatever your plumbing service needs are, you can trust All Star Service and Repair to get the job done right and right on time. With over 60 years of experience, our highly trained, licensed, and insured technicians will diagnose your problem, explain every facet of the repair, and will follow through, backed by our 100% service guarantee and a ten year warranty. For more information visit our website or contact us at 801-792-2428