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  • Furnace Maintenance & Repair
  • Furnace Replacement & Installation
  • System tune-up
  • Heat Pumps
  • Cooling Maintenance & Repair & Installation

The Importance of Routine Heating System Maintenance

Most natural gas furnaces are reliable, but there are a few signs to look out for that might indicate a problem. These include a lack of heating, a pilot light that won’t stay lit or doesn’t light at all, a malfunctioning thermocouple, a pilot light that lights but doesn’t fire the burners, or excessive noise. To prevent these issues, be sure to inspect and clean your furnace filter regularly.

Some simple annual maintenance tasks you can carry out include:

  • Clean the blower fan blades
  • Lube the fan electric motor
  • Examine the belt

In spite of this, leaving important service to a professional is strongly suggested. Don’t let this stop you from taking advantage of our Utah heating repair and installation services, which offer reasonably priced options, such as preventive maintenance programs that guarantee your heating system works at its best all year long.

Heating System Repair & Routine Maintenance Expert Services

Our team of highly qualified professionals are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to make sure that you get the heating service you need. We are fully licensed, insured and guarantee your satisfaction with our services, so you can trust that your investment in heating/furnace repairs will be worth it. Discover all the heating and furnace repair services we have to offer!

Furnace Installation Expert Services

When selecting a heating or cooling system for your home, take into account the overall performance, efficiency, and cost of installation. If you are interested in environmentally friendly options, AllStar has the best quality HVAC products with different efficiency ratings. Our company provides a wide selection of heating/furnace installation products, services, and financing options.

Commercial Heating System Repair Expert Services

AllStar is known as a recognized leader in commercial heating system repair, products, and services. We specialize in rooftop systems, split systems, heating controls, furnaces, and indoor air quality products for the industrial and commercial marketplace. Our company is dedicated to assisting our customers by offering high quality products and services along with an unmatched level of customer satisfaction. We will deliver reliable heating solutions that improve comfort and help you save money. We also offer commercial heating repair & maintenance services.