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Expert Drain Cleaning Services in Payson, UT

The staff at All Star Service and Repair helps deliver high-quality plumbing services such as drain cleaning to protect homes and offices in Salt Lake City, UT. We are prepared and equipped with the best tools in the industry. Our team can find and removed anything that’s stuck in the pipes to help your water free flow again without backups and funny smells. Once you notice your drain backing up, it is crucial to call on our staff for drain cleaning services. The longer you let it stay clogged, the longer you have to deal with the issue. Waiting can also lead to larger problems like corrosion and whole plumbing replacements. No matter how large the hairball in your shower or amount of food in the kitchen sink, our team is there to help quickly clear your drains.

Another great thing about working with All Star Service and Repair is you get a free estimate for all services. Transparency gives our customers the confidence they need to believe we can get the job done swiftly and correctly the first time. Offering these services for as long as we have gives us the experience necessary to identify and solve your plumbing problems. You can reach out to us anytime or at night, thanks to our 24/7 emergency services.

plumber working under sink

Drain Cleaning Services We Offer Your Home and Office

We have seen it all when it comes to drain cleaning services within the Salt Lake City community. Wherever there is a clogged drain in your home or office, we can help find the problem area and develop a professional plan to take care of it as soon as possible. Our tools, solutions, and knowledge in the field mean we can also quickly perform these services, so you can get back to taking a shower without standing in water, washing dishes freely without backed up dirty water, and so much more. Protect your home by calling All Star Service and Repair anytime you need us to provide the following drain cleaning services in these areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Bathtub
  • Outdoor
  • Commercial
  • Residential Roof
  • And More

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services

There are some obvious signs you have clogged or backed up drains, but there are other not so obvious ones you should be paying attention to catch the issues early enough to prevent creating more significant plumbing problems. Thankfully you have a friend in the industry who can help you recognize either sign. All Star Service and Repair are at the ready whenever you need our drain cleaning services. Reach out to our team if you notice any of the following:

Odd Odors: When you begin to get whiffs of odd odors near your kitchen or bathroom sink, something could be wedged in the pipes and deteriorating or rotting. This creates a slowed drain until it becomes completely blocked and can damage your pipe system until it is removed.

Slow Drainage: Are you ankle deep in dirty water when you take a shower? Allowing the water to pool up creates issues throughout your pipe system, and you need a fast-acting team to get the drain cleared. With all the shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair, and more traveling down the sink, it’s no wonder this is one of the most common drain cleaning jobs we perform.

Standing Water: Standing water in your bathroom and kitchen sink means you may not be able to clean as well as you had hoped. It is also the sign of a severe clog in your drain. Whether food, hair, or something else, rely on us to clear the blockage safely and get your water moving again.

Fruit Flies: If you have noticed the number of fruit flies around your sink or drain, these annoying pests are actually alerting you to clogs. They are trying to get to the blocked food in your pipes, so instead of killing them all, give us a call for drain cleaning services and provide them with a reason to leave.

Strange Sounds: While operating your garbage disposal, it makes sense there will be some noises, but if they are outside of the norm or you hear clanking and banging, give us a call. Leaving this issue alone can cause you to have to replace your disposal prematurely. Our team helps give it a longer life working to crush and decimate the leftovers thrown in the sink.

plumber working under sink

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Many residents and businesses will try to clear their drains by pouring chemicals down them, but these can lead to even larger problems if you don’t have professionally cleaned. All Star Service and Repair have all the right tools to prevent corrosion and weakening of your pipe systems. By calling on us, you can save yourself the hassle and time of trying to do it yourself, and you can ensure your pipes have a nice long life carrying your water. We have the sure solution to your plumbing issues and can protect your entire pipe system in the process.

Reach Out to All Star Service and Repair Today!

Our staff is available 24/7 in the case of an emergency. Day or night, we are the team to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Armed with industry-leading tools and over 60 years of combined experience, we find the blockage and develop the personalized plan of attack you need to get your water flowing through your pipes again cleanly. Call today and get a free estimate for our drain cleaning services as well. We’re waiting by the phone to help your home and office become a safe and clean space once again.

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