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Expert Sewer Line Cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT

When performing proper pipe maintenance throughout your home, you may forget to take care of your sewer lines. All Star Service and Repair is here to help ensure your water flows cleanly and powerfully. The lines are buried underground, and you don’t see every day, which is why most homeowners forget to check on them. There are steps you can take indoors, though, to ensure they remain as clean as possible before we come out for our regularly scheduled visits.


Signs You Need Sewer Line Cleaning for Your Home

Since your sewer lines are underground, you may think it will be challenging to know when to call us. Fear not, Salt Lake City! All Star Service and Repair is here to help you understand the signs your sewer lines need cleaning, maintenance, or repairs:

Sewage Backup

Is your toilet or sink gurgling when you drain it? Do you turn on your bathroom sink and see your toilet start filling? These are telltale signs that there is some kind of blockage that needs to be addressed.


This is probably the most noticeable sign of an issue. If you smell sewage in or around your home, there is something amiss. If you catch this early enough, you should be able to clean the pipes and resolve the problem.

Slow Drains

If all your drains are still working, but they are sluggish, don't just shrug it off as nothing. Slow drains mean your lines need to be cleaned.

Experience Helps with Sewer Pipe Cleaning

One of the more significant things separating us from our competitors is our experience. Knowing how to identify clogs helps us do our job quickly while protecting your existing pipe. We also understand when a pipe needs to be replaced and we have the tools to do so within our trucks. We come prepared because we know the issues having a clogged sewer line can cause for you and your home.

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