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Rely on All Star Service and Repair for Sewer Line Cleanouts

When performing proper pipe maintenance throughout your home, you may forget to take care of your sewer lines. All Star Service and Repair is here to help ensure your water flows cleanly and powerfully with our sewer line cleaning services in Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding areas. The lines are buried underground, and you don’t see them every day, which is why most homeowners forget to check on them. There are steps you can take indoors, though, to ensure they remain as clean as possible before we come out for our regularly scheduled visits. Reach out to our team to learn more or request service.


How Can You Tell if Your Sewer Lines & Drains Need Cleaning?

Since your sewer lines are underground, you may think it will be challenging to know when to call us for a sewer line cleanout. Fear not, Salt Lake City! All Star Service and Repair is here to help you heed the warning signs your sewer lines need cleaning, maintenance, or repairs, which include the following:

Sewage Backup

Is your toilet or sink gurgling when you drain it? Do you turn on your bathroom sink and see your toilet start to fill? These are telltale signs some kind of blockage needs to be addressed before it causes a significant sewage backup.

Foul Odor

This is probably the most noticeable sign of an issue with your sewer lines. If you smell sewage in or around your home, there is something amiss. If you catch this early enough, you should be able to clean the pipes and resolve the problem.

Slow Drains

If all your drains are still working, but they’re a bit sluggish, don’t just shrug it off as nothing. Slow drains mean your sewer lines need to be cleaned, especially if it’s more than one clogged drain inside your home.

Overflowing Toilets

Toilet overflows happen from time to time, and they can usually be fixed with a simple plunger. However, if all of the toilets inside your home are frequently overflowing, you likely need sewer drain cleaning.

Standing Water

When sewer lines become clogged, you may notice standing water inside your sinks, tubs, or showers. Since standing water attracts bacteria and sometimes pests, ignoring it inside your home can be hazardous to your health.

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What Is a Main Sewer Line? Why Do You Need a Plumber?

Your main sewer line carries wastewater from your home to your local wastewater treatment plant. Your home’s sink, shower, and toilet drains all flow into your main sewer line. Over time, solid wastes, grease, and grime buildup can cause clogs in your sewer line. Although your city may be responsible for maintaining municipal sewer lines, you’re responsible for keeping the ones located on your property clean. Clogged sewer lines require professional plumbers with the specialized skill and experience necessary to clear them without causing additional damage. Ignoring a clog can have disastrous consequences. When you call All Star Service and Repair, we’ll employ various tried-and-true methods of sewer drain cleaning. We strive to make the sewer line cleanout process hassle-free for homeowners.

How All Star Service & Repair Cleans Your Home’s Sewer Lines

First, All Star Service and Repair will determine the source of your clog. If your drain issues seem to be confined to one area of the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen, you likely have a clog inside your pipes. If it’s within your plumbing system, we may need to remove part of your wall or tiling to examine your pipes. If you’ve noticed clogs throughout your entire home or an actual sewage backup, your clog is probably in your sewer lines. This will require us to perform a sewer line camera inspection to see what’s happening inside your pipes underneath the ground.

Being able to pinpoint the location and cause of your sewer line clog helps us remove it more effectively. We usually remove sewer line clogs by spraying a high-pressure stream of water into your sewer using a technique known as hydro jetting. We also provide trenchless sewer line cleaning for more stubborn clogs. Trenchless sewer line cleaning allows us to correct your issue without digging up your entire yard, saving you time and money with fewer hassles. Once we’re done, we’ll inspect your sewer lines again to make sure we didn’t miss anything to ensure your complete satisfaction!

Why Choose All Star Service & Repair for Sewer Drain Cleaning?

All Star Service and Repair is professionally licensed and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Available 24/7 for emergency sewer drain cleaning and more, we never outsource any of our work. However, one of the most significant things separating us from our competitors is our experience. Knowing how to identify clogs helps us do our job quickly while protecting your existing pipes. We also understand when a pipe needs to be replaced, and we have the tools to do so within our fully stocked trucks. We always come prepared because we know the issues having a clogged sewer line can cause for you and your home. Contact us to learn more about our flexible financing options or to request a free sewer line cleaning estimate in the Salt Lake City, UT area.

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