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All Star Service and Repair: Your Sewer Line Repair Experts!

Our staff comes to your home with not only industry-leading tools but over 60 years of combined experience. You can trust we will find the problem with your pipes and deliver stellar sewer line repairs to get your home the water it needs quickly. Salt Lake City, UT residents and business owners have relied on us for years, and they always know they have a friend in the industry who can help them get the job done right.


How to Tell If You Have a Broken Sewer Line

There are many signs to look out for when trying to determine if you have a broken sewer line. Allow the professionals at All Star Service and Repair to help by explaining some of these signs:

Sewage Backup

If you experience backups when you flush your toilet or drain water through sinks and showers, you could have a broken sewer line.


We all know that awful sewer smell, so it shouldn’t be hard to spot if it is happening. This smell can be in your home or outside near the piping as well.

Slow Drains

Continuous slow draining in the kitchen or bathroom could mean trouble. We offer drain cleaning services if it's a simple fix, but can help when it's complicated as well.

Vibrant Green Patches in the Lawn

Since sewage is the oldest form of fertilizer, seeing random patches of grass that are far more vibrant than others could mean there is a sewage leak in that area.


Constant saturation underneath soil can cause it to collapse. A sinkhole could be a sign of a severe leak.

Water Pooling

Similar to the sinkholes, these pools can form if the leak reaches the surface of the ground.

Insect or Rodent Infestation

Bugs and rodents can find their way through cracked pipes, so if you’re suddenly seeing them and never have before, it’s a bad sign.

Emergency Sewer Line Repairs and More

No matter when you start to notice the pooling water in your backyard, we are available to help. All Star Service and Repair provides Salt Lake City homes and offices with the necessary sewer line repairs when they need them. We are available 24/7 to reduce the amount of collateral damage done by cracked or weakened sewer lines.

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