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What are Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs?

This repair method was developed to help residents and businesses get the necessary repairs needed to have water delivered into your home. The technicians at All Star Service and Repair start by using an in-pipe video camera to inspect the pipes and discover any issues. Once we can see what’s wrong, we pull what’s called a bursting head through your existing pipe and then push a new sewer pipe in behind it. This solution builds a new piping structure without any hassle and in far less time.

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Benefits of Using Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs

All Star Service & Repair decided to start performing trenchless sewer line repairs because there are so many benefits for our customers. No longer do you need to worry about the health of your yard. We make sure all of your landscaping stays pristine and your driveway remains usable after we leave. You work hard to create curb appeal for your home. Don’t let plumbing services ruin it all. Below are some of the other benefits you will receive from our technicians.

Pipes Get Repaired Quickly

Not only do we protect your lawn, but we are also able to finish the project much quicker with the trenchless method instead of traditional options. Since we won’t dig up your yard, our technicians can get in and get out quickly.

Safe for the Environment

There’s no need for harmful chemicals that can have lasting effects on your yard and landscaping. We simply repair the sewer lines and get your services back up and running.

Easy on Your Wallet

We don’t need to use big equipment and other unnecessary tools and solutions to get the job done. And since we can get the job done quicker than more traditional methods, there is no need for extra payments to keep our team on your property.

Less Hassle for the Neighborhood

Since we don’t use large digging equipment, we won’t have to get special permits or have extra protection, which would block the road and slow your neighborhood streets.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Specialists in Utah

When you need help with your sewer lines, trust All Star Service & Repair to get the job done right, while saving your yard. Some underqualified teams in Salt Lake City don’t have the knowledge or tools to protect your lawn and driveway and will tear them up in the process. This destruction will end up costing you way more than the plumbing services you requested. With our trenchless sewer line repair, you can save these areas of your home and keep its exterior looking as beautiful as it did when we showed up for the job. Contact our professional team in Salt Lake City to schedule a trenchless sewer line cleaning today!

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