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Overview of possible plumbing problems from high temperatures, Salt lake countyYou probably know that cold weather can affect your plumbing. You’ve probably been told to leave your water dripping when temperatures are expected to drop below zero. But did you know that hot weather can also cause plumbing problems? Here’s an overview of possible plumbing problems from high temperatures, how to avoid them, and what to do in response to them.

New houses mostly have PVC pipes but many older houses have metal pipes. High temperatures can make them expand. This can cause cracks and leaks that can cause plumbing issues but also serious water damage. If possible, check the pipes in your attic and below your house for signs of leakage.

High temperatures lead people to water their lawns and gardens more. It may also cause you and your family to bathe more often. This is also prime time for pool owners who may have kept their pool dormant for much of the year. All this extra activity can cause a strain on your plumbing which may require you to seek professional plumbing services.

Another effect of summer is longer days and more sunshine. This can cause problems for outdoor pipes, fixtures and hoses. UV radiation from this prolonged exposure can damage these outdoor materials, shortening their lifespan. Check your outdoor fixtures and hoses regularly for damage and replace them if necessary.

Summer heat can also dry the ground on your property. This can cause the supports below your house to settle or shift, which can strain your plumbing system. Newer PVC pipes can stretch, but older pipes of metal or clay are more likely to leak when shifted. This can reduce the integrity of your plumbing system or cause water damage which can cause mold to grow. Mold can lead to serious health problems and can be very expensive to get rid of.

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